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Revolutionizing Recruitment: How Our Firm is Changing the Game

Updated: May 7, 2023

As our CEO, and Global Principal Consultant always says, "Recruitment is the first line of defense in Risk Management."

At our recruitment firm, we are revolutionizing the industry by introducing innovative, disruptive strategies designed to deliver exceptional results, for exceptional rates based on our client's actual needs and client demographic.

How are we changing 3rd party Recruitment & Staffing services?

  • Our CEO, and in-house Elite Certified Recruitment Expert spent 4 months changing our business model, designing and implementing automation with his own hands-on work; from both a Candidate and Client Experience Perspective.

  • During those four months, Leo signed a major vendor partnership agreement with LinkedIn to generate fast and tailored Talent Pools per client vacancy for Active Candidates. (Active Candidates are those who are actively seeking work).

  • As we take a fixed payment per vacancy upfront, we do not hesitate to negotiate on behalf of the clients, as we are not incentivized by a percentage of a candidate's Salary.

  • Leo has also invested in himself, and multiple recruiters over the past three years, to learn the top Sourcing methods in the world by some of the most recognized recruiters in the USA. (We use these methods to deliver the Top Passive candidates in the world - Passive candidates are those not actively pursuing new roles).

    • Passive Candidates are normally labeled "Recommended by Recruiter," on the Hiring Stage column of our "Client User Interface," which is from another vendor partner, and a Global Market Leader in ATS systems, "Recruit CRM."

Specialized Recruitment Services

  • As SpartanSC is a subsidiary of GMK Group, a family business in Amman, Jordan that was launched in 1952; you get the generational knowledge, support, and shared resources of working with a market leader in multiple industries:


    • Private Equity

    • Pharmaceutical Distribution (KDS)

    • Logistics & Transportation

    • Retail & Duty-Free Distribution & Retail

    • Surgical & Medical Supplies

    • Dental Expertise

    • International Trade & Services

  • Additionally, since the launch of SpartanSC in 2020, we have worked with over 20 Industries and two Fortune 100 companies from UAE, to the USA, and everywhere in between.

    • The wide industry exposure & cross-functional pollination of ideas has positioned us to be an Innovation Leader as a Globalization Labor Consultancy.

Collaborative Strengths

  • As SpartanSC is a member of the Jordanian Economic Forum, we realize the importance of economics. As such, we actively identify shortages in skilled labor in nations around the world and open a door to create paralleled remote job opportunities for professions with high unemployment rates in Jordan.

    • Through this collaborative action with other organizations in foreign nations, we are able to tighten the solidarity and bonds - but more so, maintain the National output for our clients, and provide jobs for skilled-labor professions with high unemployment rates in Jordan.

  • On average, and in comparison with the USA, Jordanian salary scales are 4-7 times less than that of the USA (Depending on if you are comparing New York or California to Ohio or Arizona).

  • Lastly, our Time Zone is GMT +3, which is perfect to collaborate with as far as the USA, and Japan. (Both extremes, within reason).

Exceptional Value

  • Imagine paying only 350 USD for a full pipeline of unredacted candidates per position, VS a minimum of 8.33% of the annual salary (Remuneration). This includes both:

    • Active Candidates

    • Passive Candidates

  • On-call consultations via Calendly (Our meeting scheduling software partnered vendor).

At our firm, we are revolutionizing Recruitment Services to add the most bang for the buck, and EOR offshoring services to create a Geo-Political "ALL WIN" solution. If you have questions or are interested in our corporate services, please contact us anytime using the Calendly link on the footer of our website.

Our Client Services

  • Sourcing & RPO

    • Sourcing Service (Flagship service)

      • Sourcing Credit

      • Bulk Sourcing Credits (Save 15% per Vacancy)

    • Retained Search

      • 500 USD Search Initiation Fee + 5% of Annual Remuneration

    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

      • Full-Time RPO (Dedicated recruiter for 40 hours per week)

      • Technical RPO (Technical Recruiter for 40 Hours per week)

      • You may contact us to request a part-time RPO

    • We still offer Success Based Headhunting Services, which:

      • Starts at 15% of annual remuneration

      • Increases depending on the difficulty of client requirements & market supply

      • Restricted to Professional & CXO positions.

  • Performance & EOR

    • Employer of Record (RPO): Contract skilled/remote labor from Jordan

    • Performance & Attendance Management: Retain an on-call HR & Management Consultant, and rent office space and office resources from our office to supervise your EOR staff.

Our Candidate Resources

Written by: Leo Khoury, ECRE

CEO & Global Principal Consultant

Spartan Services & Consulting, LLC Dover, DE, USA.

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