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Employer of Record & Performance Services

EOR (Bilingual)



Every month

Outsource qualified professionals from Jordan

Valid for 12 months

Recruitment & Onboarding EOR Staff

Your management, our payroll

Employees who are fluent in English & Arabic

Local Labor Law Compliance

English PDF copy of Jordanian Labor Law

Research & Report on Local Salary Scales per new position

$399 per employee per month

Opt.: Track attendance via HubStaff

Other Languages: German OR French Speakers

Includes limited Subscription to The Spartan Journal

Rent for Performance



Every month

Rent a Desk at our Jordan Office to Optimize Yourself

Valid for 6 months

Meeting Room (Upon Booking)

Men & Women Bathrooms

Kitchenette with Coffee, Tea, Water, and Mini Fridge

Shared Wi-Fi access to Printer/ Scanner

Shared Wi-Fi

IT support (on call)

Management Consultant (On Call)

Supportive Community

HR Expert Support (Accountability, and Attendance Support)

Includes limited Subscription to The Spartan Journal

Subscribe to Journal



Every year

Subscribe to The Spartan Journal

Valid until canceled

This only provides access to The Spartan Journal

Insights from a Global Recruiter & Executive Search Expert

Insights from Entrepreneurs

Insights from Award Winning Authors

Insights from Subject Matter Experts from around the world

Insights from Industry Legends

Insights from Innovative Entrepreneurs & Trailblazers

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