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10 Fun Facts you didn't know about our Founder

We at SpartanSC, believe that it is important to know who you are working with, or considering working with. To put it simply, we wanted to share with you, the Grit behind our mission, and more information about our founder on a more semi-personal and professional capacity. Leo has a diverse background and many talents that most people may have not realized. Get to know your Principal Consultant!

Leo Khoury comes from a diverse, and globally exposed background and upbringing, both professionally, and personally.

Through many trials and tribulations in life, and in his career Leo has found his place as a Digital Nomad, and Corporate Globalist.

  1. Leo, and his siblings come from an extremely diverse heritage. As an American/ Jordanian, two countries that are renowned for being cultural melting pots - Leo's heritage is Palestinian, Dutch, and Scottish. Although he takes pride in his heritage, Leo associates himself with being a Global Human above all.

  2. Spending the majority of his life in international communities, and 2 years at a Military Boarding School in Indiana, USA; he gained a strong sense of "Duty before Self."

  3. His early childhood was split between the International Community School, and American Community School in Amman, Jordan. His early exposure to multiple cultures has enabled him to deliver a high-impact global solution with great cultural awareness and a global mindset.

  4. In 2021 Leo was struggling to decide on the future of SpartanSC, and what would be best for our client base. As a case study would have been an expensive and high-risk way to guarantee the right decision is made; he did not shy away, and instead, he sold his Mitsubishi, Monterro to finance a case study.

  5. SpartanSC back-office services are run by the GMK Group Centralized Departments, which enables us to provide some of the most cost-effective solutions in the industry. GMK Group was established in 1952, and is one of the market leaders across several industries in Jordan. - FMCG, Pharma Distribution, Duty-Free Distribution & Marketing, Surgical & Medical Supplies, Dental Equipment, Private Equity, and more. As such, Leo leverages the generational international trade & service - exposure & knowledge - to his client services, along with the support of the top experts across all of the above-mentioned industries.

  6. During the first, and longest global COVID lock-down; he used his time wisely, gaining some of the most difficult certifications in the field of Talent Sourcing & Recruitment, building his virtual services, and upskilled himself to develop the services that we proudly bring to the global playing field over the past Three Years.

  7. "Laith," when translated to Greek, is "Leonidus" who was the King of the Spartans. As such Spartan Services & Consulting was the name chosen to serve our partners. Additionally, the Spartans were known to use the Phalanx Formation in battle and to be among the most durable, strongest, and most educated warriors in the world. For this reason, SpartanSC's approach to the market is to walk side-by-side with our clients and work hand-in-hand to achieve the best possible outcomes. Lastly, the name "Spartan" represents the quality of candidates and services that you will receive from our service offerings.

  8. Leo started his career merchandising shelves at the border Duty-Free shops prior to attaining his Bachelor's Degree. His first job post at University was as a Financial Analyst for Business Development. After a time, he was the Sales Development Manager at the Queen Alia International Airport for Philip Morris International via their Distributor, Arch Marketing & Distribution, LLC. Having gained a passion for Sales Development Training, and developing others; he took a massive pay cut and rejoined PMI at an entry-level position in the HR Department in order to shift his career to Human Resource Management.

  9. He is part of several international networks. - Innovation & Business, by Mary Oakley (Ireland) - Jordanian Economic Forum - The Quest Connect - Jordanian Irish Association - The Culver Legion - SFASU Business Network - Culver Business Network

  10. Leo briefly studied Industrial Psychology at the University of Liverpool, and although he did not complete the degree, he did receive a "Post-Graduate Award in Psychology" from UoL.

If you are an owner of a Family Business, Financial Institution, or a 'Staffing & Recruitment Firm," and want to learn more about Leo or our business, please feel to schedule a virtual coffee with Leo Khoury here. We aren't trying to sell services, products, or even a business. But, what we are trying to sell is a vision of world unity, collaboration, and support.

Learn more about how we are Revolutionizing the world of 3rd Party Recruitment

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