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SpartanSC & USAID sign milestone agreement with the Business Growth Activity & FMI

On July 14th, 2022 Spartan SC celebrated a milestone by Signing a Financial Investment Advisory Agreement with USAID's Business Growth Activity.

Photo credit: USAID Business Growth Activity | Photo caption: July 14, 2022: Signing advisory agreement with the USAID Business Growth Activity, Amman -Jordan

On July 14, 2022, Spartan Service Corp. CEO, Laith Khoury, ECRE and USAID Business Growth Activities Chief of Party, Wafa'a M. Aranki celebrated the signing of an advisory agreement to help the expansion of our business and reach of services.

Our Micro-Business has gained a large reputation from the Gulf to the USA as a Talent Search & HR Consultancy Outsourcing Firm.

This bootstrapped business has a vision that will inspire many, and help hundreds, if not thousands more.

H.E. Ramsey Khoury was the key Angel Investor, who allowed this vision to expand into a truly "Value-First" oriented business with the capacity to serve internationally. This women-led, Micro-Business concept had identified a large demand in the market for accessible jobs of equitable value, and as such resulted in this Signing Ceremony.

With the leadership and vision of Laith Khoury who embodies the spirit of Spartan SC and the noble cause that it intends to follow through with, as a sustainable business with long-term plans for exponential growth. This, however, could not have been made possible without his Co-Founder and wife, Hiba Sahouri, and the Marketing & Customer Success Manager, Batool Manasra.

Facing many challenges as a bootstrapped business standing today at 7 Full-Time employees, 3 part-timers, and 4 independent Partners around the region and Ireland; We could not have been more fortunate than to have learned from mistakes early on and developed into a proven, profitable business within less than 2.5 years.

Additional credit must go to our Forbes-listed Strategic Partners, SourceAbled, and SourcePro's at Rangam; who have served as mentors, allies, and friends to this small business with a large appetite for success, growth, and empathy.

Many of Spartan SC's internal philosophies on leadership, and limited transfer of toxicity in the workplace are a result of our friends at The ReHumanization Project, which is an informal Think Tank dedicated to reducing workplace toxicity, globally.

Of many who have come to help us achieve our mission, a special thank you to our Board of Advisors; Mr. Bob McGannon, Ms. Karina Haum, Mr. Neil Katz, and our Angel Investor, H.E. Ramsey Khoury.

We could not be more honored and grateful to sign with such an organization as USAID BGA, which will serve as the advisory catalyst to our vision being materialized and creating a healthy work environment throughout every organization that we will serve and continue to serve.

To have a look at one of our CSR activities, check out our Leaders Talk page.

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