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Why Diversity will save your business!

There has been a massive movement that has spread globally throughout the Human Resources community. This didn't happen by mistake, and you bet it happened for a reason.

Aside from - the obvious - moral, and ethical obligation to treat all your employees equally and within the realm of respect for fellow human beings; the Diversity and Inclusion movement has corporate benefits as well.

How can your business benefit from hiring a diverse workforce, and why is this important for me?

Well, to answer that, let's acknowledge the giant innovative elephant in the room.

  1. Population increase = increase in competition

    1. If you are being drowned out by an ocean of competition, then you need to have a competitive edge that will truly make your organization stand out among the crowd!

    2. With a diverse workforce, you can appeal to larger market sizes. How?

      1. Your employees will be able to provide each other with knowledge of different cultures, backgrounds, and faux pas in different societies

      2. That alone will give you a leg up against your competition

  2. Marketing to appeal, and not offend.

    1. What may be acceptable advertising in some countries or communities, may be taken as "highly offensive" in others.

    2. If you have a diverse workforce, your team will be able to prevent you from launching a marketing campaign with a dog, which may insult specific communities.

  3. Is your product or service targeting higher margins, which = higher prices?

    1. Yes, the majority of the population may be younglings. However, the generation with money to spend, are the Boomers.

    2. So, if you want to appeal to the Boomer Generation, then you are going to need input from them.

  4. Is your product launching on multiple continents?

    1. Local staff may be able to advise the best approaches to treat local staff, how to communicate, how to advertise your product or services.

    2. Additionally, don't forget that you must be respectful of local cultures. In some sub-cultures, it is disrespectful for a man to talk to a married woman; and in this case, you wouldn't want to eliminate half your market size. So, the solution would be to hire female saleswomen.

All in all, Diversity can launch your business into new heights without breaking a sweat. Innovation does not, and never has come from the cookie-cutter style of staffing.

Wishing all the HR who are trying to implement such strategies the strength and the courage to continue with the power of Diversity and Inclusion.

CEO & Managing Consultant at SpartanSC

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