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SpartanSC Launches Global Services!

That's right!

Our US office is here for our clients to access the Global Talent Market, and more!

With our expertise in search that expands beyond the limitations of LinkedIn and other platforms, SpartanSC has launched extensive search services surpassing recruitment alone.

  • Executive Search

    • With Leo's extensive exposure to Social Psychology, application to Organizational Structure, and deep understanding of Leadership Philosophies, and Motivational Theories; we are able to identify the perfect Leader for your organization.

    • Leo has interviewed over 230 Organizational Leaders from UAE to the USA, and everywhere in between.

    • Our past exposure working with two Multinationals has allowed us to bring the quality, theories, and expansion concepts of two Forbes-listed businesses to SMEs, Startups, and Family Run Organizations.

  • Professional Search

    • With our expertise and proven track record as Leading Sourcing Experts, Leo has now been able to track, reach out to, and set up Subject Matter Experts from all walks of life.

    • Microbiology, Rocket Scientists, Physical Verification Engineers, Financial Modeling Experts, or even a Manager who thinks beyond both the technical, and leadership thinking; but also accounts for the business perspective and ownership in all their decisions.

  • Manpower Search

    • We do not normally accept Mid/Senior roles as projects, however, if it is unique enough, we are more likely to take on the challenge.

SpartanSC Search Specializations for Recruitment

  • Executive Search (Director/ C-Suite)

  • Accounting & Finance

    • Venture Capital

    • CPA Firms

    • Investment Management Firms

    • Private Equity

  • Cyber Security

    • Red Team (Penetration Testers)

    • Blue Team (Defense)

    • Research

  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Alternate Services

As leading Sourcing & Search professionals, we do not just source candidates... That's right, you read that correctly!

Whatever your business needs, we can find a solution (literally).

Reach out to us today to learn more...

SpartanSC is now in business, for any business, anywhere!

Signing off, SpartanSC Global Team!

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