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People, Why Invest in Human Capital?

Today’s topic, "Investing more in people."

“You can feed people for a week, but teach them, and they will feed themselves forever.”

If you could change one thing about this planet, what would be? I would personally “INVEST MORE IN PEOPLE!”

Companies and societies alike are mostly focused on short term issues which is great and important! But long term issues? Well, you name the topic. Think of the common denominator to all our societal and corporate issues, wouldn't it be the human factor? Our future lies in the hands of our people.

I am 100% sure I speak on behalf of all HR professionals.

Together we can find grand solutions, but to find a solution, you have to find the problem. That being said, lets ask ourselves the following questions?

1) how do individuals within our societies treat each other?

2) Do our societies support and look at diversity as a strength? And do they aspire to it?

3) How would I define by corporate and/or societal cultures?

4) Is anyone treated with less privileges than others? Is our reward system based on achievements and value added, or any other criteria?

- list if other.

5) what is the current capital investment on public or corporate education?

- Do public and private education place 'ethics and morals' as a priority on core syllabi?

If you answered these questions, spelling out my point wouldn't be necessary. Now ask yourselves, “what can I do to make this a better world?” (Rhetorical question, but reflect on it non-the-less).

Lack of budget is not an excuse for lack of effort. No need to invest capital if you don't have it, instead you could incorporate a mentor-ship and self developmental culture. This can be done in any type of organization (corporate, government, non-government, even individual families and between groups of friends).

What we can do, is ask corporations, NGO’s and society as a whole to invest more in Learning and development programs.

  1. Have young leaders gather in small groups and design a common goal

  2. Weed out our young leaders and train them to train others

  3. Challenge the learning process and use all sensory organs to reinforce the understanding and reward daily practice of the teachings.

  4. Like any business plan, our people will need follow up and reference points along the way.

  5. Industry experts delivering each training.

  6. Enforce good habits when they've been adopted, and this will encourage a self-development mind set.

We all do our best, but let’s put our ‘best’ in the right direction, that direction is and always will be our “PEOPLE.”


The horse who wants to drink... and he's waiting for someone to show him to the water.

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