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Employee Retention Plans for 2021

It is no secret that this year's global unemployment rates started higher than ever.

We had a look into the best practices to keep your employee retention and satisfaction rates high!


Top 3 plans according to Spartan Services & Consulting, LLC:

1) Get access to remote work attendance tracking software, such as:

2) Home Office Furniture

  1. Make a deal with a local furniture store and get your employees a discount

  2. You can split the cost of the home office furniture with your staff; and rent out your office/ office furniture to another business, in order to cover the cost.

  3. Buy your employees a Tempur-Pedic office chair to maintain your employee's well-being.

3) Care Packages go a long way!

  1. Occasionally send your employees a care package. (Especially if your city is in lockdown).

  2. Groceries

  3. As funny as it may seem, gym equipment is hard to come by; send them some dumbbells' and a yoga mat (make sure you send it to everyone, otherwise, they may take it the wrong way).

Have a great day!

CEO & Managing Consultant at SpartanSC

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