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COVID-19 | Remote Jobs

Is Coronavirus making us all agoraphobic? Is it impairing your ability to work productively and produce income?

For the past decade, remote jobs have slowly gained favor with the majority of people. However, many businesses still commit to the nine to five workday and maintaining their ability to micro-manage.

Technology has long surpassed our need to commit to our office-based jobs and we can now work with teams far and wide increasing our efficiency and accessibility to international resources. There are many advantages to changing to a remote-job oriented company; several of them are listed below:

  • Working mothers are some of the most productive employees in any industry. They push hard in the limited time they have during the day, they actively look for more efficient methods to complete their tasks and they are more than capable of handling a bulky workload. Giving working mothers an opportunity to work in an organization and multitasking with their already busy days would increase your companies effectiveness and efficiency.

  • You will significantly increase the size of your talent market, which will allow for higher probabilities of finding proactive, creative, experienced, and self-motivated employees. These employees are normally not in the job market, however, if you provide such an opportunity to these people, they will take the job!

  • You allow for physically disabled employees to work for you at ease from their own homes. Not only is this great for CSR and Labor Laws, this will expand your talent market beyond what you thought was possible.

  • Lastly, COVID-19 is the most recent point to push for remote jobs and minimizing risk to the public, your staff, and their families. We are an overpopulated world and minimizing contact with people should be a concern, but not fear.

We do understand that some job status's are a 'must attend.' No way around it. For those employees, it is recommended to wipe down your steering wheels and keyboards with disinfectant, keep hand sanitizer close by and maintain a minimum of physical contact with others.

Some effective resources to work remotely with your organization are:

  1. Office 365

  2. Skype for Business (Lync)

  3. Zoom (video conferencing)

  4. Of course, emails, chat rooms, WhatsApp and more.

If you are looking for effective remote workers who are efficient, self-motivated and energetic, reach out to Spartan SC- who are Staffing, Recruiting & Coaching experts.

For more information, Don't hesitate to send me a message via LinkedIn directly.

We hope this article is useful and insightful for all those looking to change the organizational design and teamwork methodology.


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