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What Great Managers Do Differently

Everyone, at some point on their career journey, faces an unbearable boss. Most of us tend to adopt their traits, and some of us, learn to be better!

They say, never to forget three people:

1) Those who helped you

2) Those who left you when you needed them

3) Those who put you in a difficult situation

The last one is the one who you will learn most from, and the last one is the one that will make, or break you.

For those of us who embrace challenges and strife; this is where we grow, this is where we achieve the foundations to our greatness.

They say, "Rock bottom has created more heroes than a privilege." But why?

Be willing to sacrifice everything to achieve success, including learning about what your employees need to succeed.

True leaders, know the struggle and fears of their employees because they didn't earn their title or respect without grinding day in and day out. True leaders have the following characteristics that define them as legends:

  1. Empathy - An understanding of their staff's fears, ambitions, struggles, and commitments. A leader expresses his solidarity, by lending a helping hand during times of struggle and panic.

  2. Listening skills - An ability to acknowledge the technical expertise of their staff and value their input. Listening is not the same as hearing, we are discussing the three important types of listening skills: Active Listening, Listening for knowledge, and Listening for a deeper understanding.

  3. Courage - We have the courage to display "Intelligent Disobedience" when needed. as stated by Bob McGannon discussing on his LinkedIn Learning Lesson. This is when we know it is in everyone's interest, to disagree with the top dogs, and build your own path.

  4. Coaching Skills - Have you ever heard the phrase, "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; but teach a man to fish, he is full for life."

We believe that coaching your employees to solve their own problems, will develop the skills they need to be successful in business and become critical thinking, problem-solving machines!

If you are looking to build yourself within the Leadership community, always start with your own core values and code of ethics. Understand yourself, and always do your best to understand and empathize with others.

Good luck to the leaders of tomorrow.

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