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The Recruitment, The Reputation, The Reality

Open 10 random recruiter profiles, and take note of how often they shift jobs…

There is a horrible reputation toward recruiters because of this…

  • No accountability

  • No loyalty

  • No commitment

  • No continuity

And honestly, I DONT BLAME THEM… because employers with a need for full-time recruiters:

  • Provide unrealistic working conditions

  • Don’t provide the right tools for automation of insane volume or technical requirements

  • Think that recruitment is as easy as doing a job post on LinkedIn

  • Have them report to 3-10 Hiring Managers at a time

  • Think psychometric and competency-based evaluations are accurate.

  • (It is at most, indicative of what someone could be "in the right conditions;" as self-evaluations are biased, and filled with suggestive wording - resulting in less than “ideal” predictive outcomes).

  • Would rather hire 5 fresh candidates, than pay for one existing employee to be trained by an expert. (Redundant or unnecessary volume).

  • Managers blame the recruiters for delays and hiring mistakes and candidates blame recruiters for not following up.

  • Believe they can replace a manager with "someone more junior," and train them up...


If you are replacing a manager, who do you expect to train the new junior person?

Here are the facts of the matter…

  • Hiring managers, it’s your responsibility to hire your team… Remember, recruiters, are there to make it less of a painful experience for you. Take ownership of your department and technical requirements

  • Candidates, if you want the job - whether you were approached or applied - follow up with the recruiter (communication is a two-way street).

  • Invest your cash on in-house L&D, which will be cheaper than hiring over the course of 1 year… (and it reduces employee turnover).

  • A custom-tailored training for your specific business by the department; will save you Tens of Thousands in hiring and hiring mistakes.

  • Train like it is a continuous business process, but hire only when you absolutely must.

No wonder recruiters get fed up so easily!

Be human, but even more so, be cashflow savvy. - Think toward the future to save money during the fiscal year.

- volume isn’t everything -

For the reasons above…

SpartanSC USA does not accept volume recruitment so we can deliver a one-and-done impact-focused hire for your business.

“Hire one right, to hire less tomorrow.”

Schedule a Discovery Zoom call with SpartanSC today to solve the problem mentioned above... Contract SpartanSC USA for Recruitment Services

Good luck to all the businesses facing an overly demanding economy and scarce resources that we all face today.


Leo Khoury, ECRE - About Me

Executive Search & People Strategy Consultant at WWW.US.SPARTANSC.CO USA

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