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Do Not Neglect Employer Branding!

Let's talk Employer Branding!

  • Companies are heavily investing in building recruitment teams, which is extremely costly! (Outsourcing could be more affordable).

  • "Unless it's for direct sales, marketing is expensive." NOT TRUE...

  • When companies look to partner with others, they like to know who is on the team... If you aren't looking at your employees as your top assets, then you have it backward my friend.

  • Why pay for excessive recruiters when you can create an Employer Branding & Candidate Attraction strategy that will guarantee a continuous pipeline of candidates who are excited to work with your team, and your culture.

What is Employer Branding?

"Employer branding is when you are successfully managing and influencing your employer reputation to job seekers, employees, and key stakeholders. Managing this may unlock your organization as a/the employer of choice in your market."

Why is this important?

As mentioned above, "stakeholders" are involved. Key Stakeholders hold your resources, your accounts receivable, and are affected via your direct/ indirect social impact.

The ideal stakeholder will hold your values in common. Values of which include how your treat your employees/ 'other humans,' and you want to work with people who share your values.

Reduced cost on Job Ads and excessive marketing

How can we afford to run Marketing & PR for our bottom line, and for Employer Branding?

  • It does not have to cost you a fortune, or even anything at all (depending on the size of your organization).

  • Tighten up your employee benefits program, and ensure that your office is a non-toxic, safe environment for your employees to talk, share ideas and fears freely and without judgment or consequences.

  • Once you have a happy work environment and your turnover rates are below the average of your industry, you can begin thinking out of the box!

  • As underlined above, your employees have their networks on LinkedIn, Social Media in general, and personal contacts. Making them happy creates a grassroots campaign spreading your organization's reputation as an incredible employer.

  • Social Media ads are generally affordable, targetable, and give great analytics to see how many of your posts are converting to applications...


  • "This is starting to sound a lot like a promotion for Digital Marketers!" Spot on buddy! Yes, Digital Marketing is being extremely underutilized, and inaccurately used.

  • As someone who used to manage his Firm's own digital marketing, I gained insights that go far beyond your average Talent Acquisition Expert!

  • Digital Marketing could be used to promote your Employer Brand, Your product or service, and even target partners or suppliers!

What?! Are you saying that this covers every aspect of the business?

  • No! I am saying this covers anything you want it to cover.

  • Tip: Just appeal to your audience and target current weaknesses in your business to build campaigns out of!

What does an Employer Branding Campaign look like?

  • Having employee testimonials (video, posted on social media).

  • Displaying accurately how your office environment is.

  • Get your team involved in Social Media trends and have fun with them!

  • Do not restrict your employee's voices

  • Create an open culture, where there is always an open forum to share ideas and build on each other.

Does this sound like a headache?

  • If it does, SpartanSC's Talent Acquisition services include Employer Branding!

  • Outsource the whole process and rest assured that your company will be in amazing hands!

Have an amazing weekend!

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