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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we will try to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.
This page will always be updated monthly, so feel free to check back in the event you are curious about signing up with our services at a later stage.

Q: Do you serve globally?
A: We serve North America, Europe, and the MENA region only.

Q: Do you only post jobs as a service?
A: No, in addition to job postings, we also use advanced sourcing strategies as per best practices for passive candidates & traditional Job Posts to attract active candidates


Q: Can I get a lower rate on the RPO or EOR?

A: You can get as low as $8 per hour, however, we advise against it for Employee Retention reasons.


Q: Do you offer success-based agreements with no initiation fees?

A: Yes, but only if the client is a returning customer, and under very strict conditions.

if it will be justified to take that risk, and our rates for Success Based Recruitment start at 15% of the Annual Remuneration.

Q: What if I am not happy with my new hire?
A: As you would be outsourcing the most time-consuming part of the recruitment processes, and getting access to every candidate we source, both active and passive; you already have more than most would provide you with.

Q: Why shouldn't I just post the job myself?
A: To save money, we have invested in bulk, so you don't have to invest in costly, per-piece online services.

Q: I own a recruitment firm, why are you serving us, and also serving our potential clients from SMEs and family businesses?
A: Well, with us by your side, you can focus on where value is added most: screening, interviewing, and, most importantly, client acquisition.

Q: How do you cater to specialized recruitment firms?
A: We are transparent. If we don't already have a specialist on our team, we will hire one, train them based on ECRE best practices, and then pass them over to your technical training, management, and administration remotely.

Q: What if I want to have them immigrate to our head office and work in the office with us on our own payroll?
A: We encourage more opportunities to be given to Jordanians. If you are capable of offering a better and brighter future, just let us know how we can help.

Q: Do you serve Job Seekers?

A: No, as it would be an ethical conflict to serve both the interests of companies who are seeking top talent according to their specification, and job seekers. - The ethical conflict stems from collecting payments from both parties.

But, we have created a Job Seeker Self-Help Course by partnering with Udemy.

Q: What if I do not like your prices/ rates; are you open to negotiation?

A: Absolutely yes!
You can
schedule a Zoom call with us to discuss an alternate proposal

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