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Consumer Engagement & Psychology - Retail & Beyond


Unlock the Secrets of Consumer Engagement: A Masterclass with a Retail Veteran Welcome to a transformative learning journey designed by a seasoned expert in consumer engagement and retail psychology. This course is brought to you by Leo Khoury, ECRE, Founding Partner at SpartanSC - Hire Remote, a distinguished board member of several businesses, and a strategist renowned for driving business development and innovation. With a career that began on the retail floors of FMCG environments at the tender age of 14, Leo Khoury has distilled decades of front-line experience and strategic expertise into this comprehensive masterclass. Why This Course? In today’s fast-paced retail and business environment, understanding the psychological underpinnings of consumer behavior and engagement is not just an advantage—it's essential. This course bridges the gap between theory and practice, offering: Insider Knowledge: Learn the philosophies and practices that shape consumer engagement across retail and other industries, grounded in real-world experience. Strategic Insights: Gain access to the strategies that have propelled businesses to the forefront of their industries, crafted by someone who’s been instrumental in their success. Practical Applications: Apply what you learn through case studies, interactive sessions, and real-life scenarios that Leo Khoury, ECRE, has encountered and navigated through his illustrious career. Course Highlights: Foundations of Consumer Psychology: Understand what drives consumer behavior and how to leverage these insights to craft compelling customer experiences. Engagement Strategies: Learn the art and science of engaging customers, from initial contact through to long-term loyalty, using techniques that have been tested in the trenches. This masterclass is more than a course—it's an investment in your ability to understand and influence consumer behavior, enhancing your effectiveness in any retail or business setting. Join Leo Khoury, ECRE, o




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Consumer Engagement & Psychology - Retail & Beyond

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