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Globalizing Your Business: A Strategic Approach to Leveraging the Global Labor Market


With a rich background in recruitment spanning over 23 countries across America, Europe, the Middle East, and India, Leo Khoury brings unparalleled expertise to this comprehensive course. As an Elite Certified Recruitment Expert, Certified Human Resources Expert, and holder of a PG Award in Psychology from the University of Liverpool, Leo offers a unique blend of practical recruitment strategies, psychological insights, and human resource management skills tailored for business globalization. Course Overview: This dynamic course is designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals aiming to expand their operations globally by harnessing the power of the global labor market. Through a series of interactive modules, participants will gain essential skills and knowledge in the following areas: Researching Salary Scales Globally: Learn to navigate the complexities of salary scales across different regions to make informed hiring decisions. Understanding Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions: A primer on the fundamental cultural differences and how they impact business operations, communication, and team dynamics. Selecting Outsourcing/Offshoring Partners: Criteria and strategies for choosing the right partners to ensure business success across borders. Benefits of Globalization: Explore how globalization can lead to significant overhead reduction and access to larger capital markets, enhancing your business's competitive edge. What You Will Gain: In-depth knowledge of global salary scales and how to apply this information strategically. Insights into cultural dimensions and their practical implications for international business. Expertise in selecting and collaborating with outsourcing and offshoring partners. Understanding of globalization's benefits, including cost savings and market expansion. Join Leo Khoury in this enlightening journey to transform your business by leveraging the vast opportunities of the global labor market.




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Globalizing Your Business: Global Labor Market

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