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SmartStream - Sourcing Service

١٥٠ US$


Unlock tailored alerts: Stay ahead with precision-crafted search insights. Try now!

صالحة حتى 30 من الأيام

Access a potential source pool of 4.2 Billion Globally

Applies to Recruitment, Lead Generation, Route, Supply Chain

Customized Alert Creation

Time-Saving Effeciency

Advanced Filtering Techniques

Real-Time Updates

Versatile Application

Expert Consultation

Actionable Insights

Included: Course on Cost-Effective Business Globalization

Best Value

StreamWise Insights

٣٨٥ US$


كل 3 من الأشهر

Save 15% and, Unlock endless insights: Tailored alerts & data streams for informed decisions.

سارٍ حتى الإلغاء

SmartStream Plus Below

Customized Alert Profiles: Monitor various alerts

Dynamic Updating: Regular audit & updates on search criteria

Expert Consultation Sessions (Quarterly)

Customizable Frequency & Volume of Alerts.

Included: Globalizing your Business & Consumer Psychology

Monthly Consultation

Cancel anytime

Retained Executive Search

٩٩٥ US$


Recruitment for CXO & Director Level Roles

سارٍ حتى 3 أشهر

Access a potential candidate pool of 4.2 Billion Globally

Advanced internet recruitment expertise at your disposal

Strictly 15 hours of service

Tip: 5% to 20% of Annual Salary - Success Fee (Optional)

Pro-rated down payment upon success fee.

Restricted to Executive Search (CXO)

1 Vacancy resource per purchase

Searches based on Psychology, Org. Charts, and more

Filtered & Screened Candidates

AI supported search processes

Quality based search (Not budget based)

1 Calibration Round of Candidates (3 Candidates)

2 Rounds of Candidates (3 Candidates Each Round)

Disclaimer: $50 fee per amendment to job criteria

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