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Save up to 85% on Payroll & Hiring
Specialists in Financial Services & International Trade

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Our Clients

Although we maintain an open-door policy; we specialize in the following industries.

Our Specializations

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Job Type Specializations

Job Roles we specialize in:

  • FMVA & Investment Analysts

  • CPA & Accounting

  • CFA & FInancial Experts

  • Junior Investment Associate

  • Investment Associate

  • Investment Partner

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Job Type Specializations

Job Roles we specialize in:

  • Country Managers for FMCG

  • Marketing Manager

  • Head of Finance

  • Market Access Experts

  • Purchasing Managers

  • Digital Marketing

“Thank you for your efforts and for finding us the right candidate from the first round. Bravo!"

Ziad Bushnaq ,
CEO | Delektia

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