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Executive Search Consultant


Leo is an independent International HR & Elite Search Consultant (USMCA & MENA), who offers multiple plans that may suit your business needs best. - Learn more about Leo.

Leo is an Executive Search Specialist who focuses on key roles within organizations.

For almost a decade, Leo has been sourcing some of the top leaders for critical roles in Multinationals and Regional businesses.

With his extensive exposure recruiting with Multinationals internally, and as a consultant, Leo has gained significant exposure to the most advanced sourcing methodologies which has enabled him to track down the top talent globally.

There is a reason why he has worked with Intel Corporation, DevoTeam, Philip Morris International, and even collaborated with some of the biggest names in Management Consulting globally as an Independent Contractor.

Leo strictly offers Retained Search Services or charges his hourly rate. - What is Retained Search?

Retained Search allows the client to fully benefit from the recruiter's background by covering the costs involved with the Search, Evaluating & Understanding your Market Offering, Vision, Mission, Leadership Team, and more.  This will mitigate any risks with Turn-Over & Replacement Costs.

Contact Leo about foreign assignments.

If you are looking to have Leo's expertise regarding International short-term or long-term projects, submit the below to schedule a Zoom call.


  • You will be redirected to his personal Calendly.

  • This applies to subcontracting from other firms, OR to projects requiring international expertise in Global HR Best Practices.

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